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're going to meet flula borg, he's with us today, "right this minute." flula! [ cheers and applause ] tell me who you are. >> you probably know i'm from germany. deutschland. and i'm a techno deejay. >> have you thought of going the comedy route? >> no, i don't know how to make funny things. i think when people say, let us make a funny joke, guess what, it's not funny. >> are there any german idioms that we might find funny? >> i think when you don't have all of your tea cups in the cabinet, which means maybe you are crazy. >> what's the latest idiom
with illnesses were blocked from getting out of the plane. and abc's lisa stark brings us the first answers tonight. >> reporter: this is what greeted passengers when they finally escaped their parked planes. a foot of snow and a long walk. >> we've been here now for seven and a half hours. >> reporter: that was the captain of jetblue flight 504 with 123 passengers. one of those planes stuck in the snowy tarmac at the hartford, connecticut, airport. >> chaotic. uncomfortable, disorganized. just a mess. >> reporter: andrew carter was on that flight, normally a two-houg jog from florida to new jersey. but the plane couldn't land after newark after the airport lost critical navigation equipment. the pilots diverted to the hartford airport, 100 miles away. jetblue says that airport was overwhelmed with nearly two dozen over diverted flights. and today, we learned why the passengers were trapped. flight 504 was boxed in on the tarmac. a delta plane behind, another jetblue flight to the right, a broken jetway on the left. inside the plane, snacks and water ran out, toilets backed up. >> i have a
investigators on the case are telling us they issued an amber alert look for william mcquain. last night detectives went to brier cliff terrace apartment in germantown as part of a missing person report. when they entered the apartment they found jane mcqain dead in her bedroom. they are treating this as a homicide and they say she suffered trauma to her body. there was no sign of the victim's son who as not been seen since september 30th. william is is described as a light skinned black male about 5 feet tall and weighs 85 pounds. now a vehicle registered to jane mcquain is missing and william could be with it. authorities are look for a black 2011 honda crv have tag 5ag9405. and overnight, you can see here there's been postings all night with information about that amber alert. when i was driving in, i could see the alert posted. but you can log onto for the latest and most updated information. that is in the slide show. and if you have any information about william, call montgomery county major crimes division at 240-773-5070. reporting hive in the interactive news center
into an argument receipt outside the regal movie theater and used a knife to slice dominic miller right across the stomach. >> the gentleman who was cut retreated to a car that was occupied by a friend, told the friend to drive him to the hospital. the friend couldn't locate the hospital, pulled into a business and called 911 from there. >> fisher faces charges of first and second degree assault and over thed $25,000 bail. >>> tonight police are on the lookout for a man who raped a 13-year-old girl in an abandoned row home in the 800 block of north caroline street in east baltimore. that's where jeff hager picks up the story. >> reporter: as police combed this east baltimore area for a suspect in the rape, neighbors question why it provided easy access for the young girl's attack tore force her inside. police say the 13-year-old was walking down the sidewalk when the man confronted her and led her into the recesses of the empty home where they assaulted her. they have released this scatch, a black male -- sketch, 45 to 50 with a mustache and dark clothing, 5'3" and weighs about 180-pounds. >>
of ercis to tell us her story amid so many others. >> reporter: rescuers dug feverishly in the rubble of this building. looking for any trace of survivors. then, word came that a baby was found alive. just 14 days old, azra, came out of the rubble naked and was quickly wrapped in a blanket. she was born prematurely, today after 47 hours in that pile of stones, she was found clinging to her mother and grandmother. the rescuer who pulled her out fold us he felt like he was holdihold i ing his own child. "to bring back life into this world is the highest satisfaction," he said. azra was rushed to the hospital. the rescuers went back to work in search of her relatives still trapped inside that heap of concre concrete. then, within an hour -- azra's mother and grandmother have been confirmed alive. the digging has stopped, there's an ambulance waiting over there and it looks like they're about to pull someone out. a stretcher appeared. azra's mother. 20 minutes later, the grandmother. "i never lost faith," azra's uncle told us. "you always believe god will help." rescue crews kept digging.
>>> it is friday, october 14th. good morning, maryland. the weekend is upon us. so you got to know what the weather will be like and the commute for today. let's start it off with justin berk. >>> if you can wait a few minutes, i'll have the break down of the weather during the race that includes wind more than anything else. i'll be running with you tomorrow morning. and yesterday, six tornado reports in virginia. we've had widespread video taken from here and further south. and there was that confusion on college park. do you know somebody there or a friend or family member, child? there were three text messages and three separate siren reports for a detailed time of when a tornado would too much down in university of maryland college campus and it did not happen. it wasn't a warning from the national whether service. it was a private service that gets weather information for university of maryland college campus. that will spark some discussion today as it sparked some confusion. we'll never issue a warning without confirmation from the weather service. our warnings come from ou
her city she had to help herself first. what a story about deputy mayor. >> and how do you use the money from alcohol tax, go to piled build fields or go to the classroom? > >> we start with reaction it is death of gadhafi. >> he died in the hands of opposition solders. for the people of libya it's still not hear who is in charge. gadhafi never admitted to ordering the bombing of a plane but accepted the country's responsibility. >> i always had the image of him being caught by american special forces to like how we caught bin laden but today we have this great thing to the freeing of the people of libya. >> and for one mother here the death of gadhafi might bring her one step closer to seeing her son. >> he has been there since early this year, spent nearly six months in prison before escaping. we sat down with his mother tonight. >> reporter: we have late word tonight just in the past hour that sharon has spoken with her son, first here is what she said earlier. after the death of gadhafi. matthew has undergone a transformation from reporter and writer to freedom fighter
involved shooting. police are telling us the victim died. the shooting took place at st. victor in patapsco. the suspect was inside a home. police told him to drop the gun. when he didn't, police shot him. >>> if you're watching us in arbutus, you bet are lock your car. police are working on 19 stolen vehicles within the last month. police say the vehicles are all dodges, chryslers and jeeps with model years between 1994 and 2006. police say all the vehicles have been abandoned, damaged or crashed before owners report them stolen the following morning. police are asking if anyone knows anything to call 443-506-5749 or call metro crime stoppers at 8667 lockup or metro crime make sure doors are looked, windows are closed. make sure you don't have valuables inside and trito park your vehicle as close to your home as possible. >> the smell of gas prompted mta to shut down. they weren't able to find natural gas. >>> the plans to put up a 175-foot lighted sign along i-95 as gotten strong opposition. some homeowners said the breath taking view of the bay would be diminished if they h
road this afternoon. abc 2 news sherral joins us live. >> reporter: we are in the 10,000 block of bird river road right here in middle river. behind us you can see that homicide detectives are outside of this home where we understand an 85 year old woman and an 85 year old man were found dead by a family member this afternoon. joining us now live is a spokes woman. i understand that a note was found inside that home. >> there was a note. this is a married couple. they were found deceased in the living room. there is no foul play suspected in this case. >> reporter: are police calling this a murder suicide? >> that's right. this is an apparent murder suicide. >> reporter: how did the man and woman died? >> they both died from a gunshot wound. >> reporter: the family member i understand went inside that home? >> what we know is that a family member went inside the home and said something was wrong and called 911. the fire engine crew was the first unit to arrive at the scene. as soon as the engine crewed arrived they saw that they were dealing with two people who were dead ins
drive to high school. why every parent watching us tonight feels heartbroken over the news that this 17-year-old didn't make it. >> you have beaten cancer and now are called a survivor but what are the struggles you could face down the road? >> is it time for an about face from facebook. is the founder getting your message? no we start with a community in shock. >> difficult day for a 17-year- old's friends at chesapeake high. we were there. >> reporter: by a thes she was a happy and successful high school senior with a bright future. all of that ended as she drove to school on a damp road. flowers have been left in the parking space her car used to occupy in front of the high school. >> she was really nice. . . >> reporter: she was involved in cheer leading track at chesapeake. friends say rumors she had been in a car accident this morning spread quickly throughout the school. rumors that were later confirmed by the principal. >> then he announced her name and i lost it. it was a lot of people cried and got really upset about it. it was terrible. >> never seen so many people cry
and had him paged. that brings us back to the determination that seems to surround the sergeant and his wife. >> she like almost started crying of course it got me because i was like you have my rings. >> i went -- we have some deep core values in ourselves. >> reporter: and she wants to bring her husband back to baltimore. baltimore. he will be transferred next week to a rehab center in denver. >> this seen students, parents and staff at chesapeake high school took time out to remember student who died this week. kayla was killed wednesday, the car she was driving went off the road and into an abandoned house. the school held a moment of silence and the cheerleaders brought flowers to the game. >> she was just a sweet girl, never had any problems with anybody. >> we picked the flowers as sympathies and -- even though we didn't know her we all knew what it feels like to loose someone. >> and the police say speed and wet roads were probably factors. >>> police are still looking for 11-year-old william but tonight we know a little more about his mother's death. she was found dead in
because of the man towering over us. >>> thousands gathered in washington, d.c. to celebrate the dream of dr. martin luther king. >>> the search continues tonight for a woman after her mom was found dead on wednesday. >>> modern day malicia. why some americans are take protection into their own hands. >>> first, tonight, the reverend dr. martin luther king had the official opening top king memorial on the national mall. >> reporter: a large crowd dedicated a national memorial in washington like no other. it is the first to honor a man of justice, peace and color. >> i know we will overcome. i know there are better days ahead. i know this because of the man towering over us. >> reporter: president obama, the nation's first black president connected his own legacy to that of dr. king. he placed sign copies of his speeches into a time capsule at the memorial. a civil rights icon noted how his friend changed the world. >> 48 years ago we have signs that said white men, colored men, white women, colored women. those signs are gone. they will not return. >> reporter: dr. king's towering 30-f
>>> tonight on "nightline," terror takeout. a major blow to al qaeda. as u.s. drones kill the american cleric heading in yemen who inspired the ft. hood shooter and other lone wolf terrorists. and security officials issue a bulletin, warning of possible retaliation. >>> emergency response. dramatic paramedics testimony in the trial of michael jackson's doctor. what they saw when they arrived on the scene. >> we're going to call it here, time of december is 12:57. >> what they say his doctor refused to tell them. >>> and funny business. crashes, gags, wipe youments and goofs. before there was youtube, there was "america's funniest videos." we take you inside the hit show. >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran, cynthia mcfadden and bill weir in new york city, this is "nightline," september 30th, 2011. >> good evening, i'm terry moran. we're going to begin tonight with some late news. the department of homeland security has issued a bulletin, warning about possible, though unspecified and unconfirmed attacks in the united states in retaliation
time ever, director james can ron invites tv cameras inside his off the grid estate and tells us of a project bigger than any movie he's made. >>> and marvels of the sea. they swim upright. they swap sex roles and celebs covet their company. so, what's the catch? we go swimming with sea horses. >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran, cynthia mcfadden and bill weir in new york city, this is "nightline," october 12th, 2011. >> good evening, i'm bill weir. the idea that michael jackson did not have to die is at the heart of the manslaughter case against his doctor, conrad murray. but never in that courtroom have the jurors heard it like this. expert witnesses giving a detailed, blow by blow account of how murray allegedly failed his pop star employer. abc's jim avila is in los angeles tonight. jim? >> reporter: bill, the district attorney's office is wrapping up its case, with devastating medical testimony. prosecutors say they could rest as early as tomorrow, with testimony that is severely underculting one of the pillars of the defense case. ach thin
. >> this isn't your normal table saw. how people are using the minerals if solve medical problems. >>> be aware of what lies behind the gated carson manor. we take you to legends of the fog where a good scare is for a good cause. abc 2news at 11 starts right now. >> we start tonight with a mystery. tomorrow marks one year to the day since a shocking seemingly random murder baltimore. the victim a retired bus driver. we spoke with his widow. >> reporter: no new leads, that's what disturbing the widow the most. a crime that happened so suddenly and without warning still one year later the killer is still out there. >> she keeps a picture of her husband on the kitchen table at the spot where he used to sit. >> he was my best friend and my husband, just a good person. >> reporter: on october 8th the last year someone broke in to the home they shared in the 2600 block of edson. eve lynn stepped out for a sandwhich. she came home and found sterling dead. he had been stabbed. >> when i talk about it or think about it i get upset. this will never be easy for me, never. >> reporter: especially becau
but by that . most point most of us should see sun. >> gadhafi's death is echoing across the world even here in the u.s. this morning down in the nation's capitol. listen. [ inaudible ] >> the death of former libyan leader sparked celebrations overnight, including dc outside the white house doors. president barack obama called his death an opportunity for libya. >>> celebrations there not dying down this morning in parts of libya either. now what was believed to be a nato convoy attacked and himmed him near his home town of sirte yesterday. we learned less than an hour ago they want to start an investigation into how he died. they are calling video disturbing. we found new video of hillary clinton reacting. a staffer hands her her blackberry, showing reports of gadhafi's death. >> wow. [ inaudible ] >> i am concerned, yeah, i am concerned. [ inaudible ] >> -- gadhafi being captured. >> now of course, that was the initial belief that he had been captured, tweets went out and the world about this. it was later learned he was captured and then he was dead. officials are meeting this morning to
a person who said they saw a person in a truck using a chain to attach their truck, one of those speed cameras. then they ripped the camera right out of the ground. something missing in front of sparrow's point high school. >> it amazing me. i didn't realize it was gone. >> reporter: you can see the base of what used to be a speed camera here along north point road. >> must have been someone who got a lot of tickets. >> reporter: all police know is that late tuesday night someone in a white truck stopped here, attached a chain to the camera and then gunned the engine. >> it's the first time we have had one of them throw destroyed like thisser. >> reporter: you can see the tire tracks and the ruts of the camera. >> someone was upset about getting a citation i guess. they didn't have a police officer here so they took it out on the camera. >> reporter: it's not the first time it's happened. back in july a man came out of the woods near the airport and used a hammer to damage a vehicle mounted speed camera. that case remains unsolved. in the baltimore county case the vandal had no way
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it off at a time when the u.s. said they had the insurgents on the run. >>> shark attack again. this deadly season of shark, nearly claims another life in california. how this young man's swim saved his life. we'll hear from his friend who was in the water with him. >>> and "gma" goes ghostbusters. you think your house is haunted. we put one viewer's house to the test. and is this house haunted? it's the ultimate halloween house party. the man behind it is joining us on the live show. ♪ >>> if they had taken that camera shot seconds earlier, you would have seen a fantastic dance by lara spencer. >> i heard "shake it" and i do what i'm told. >> you follow orders. can we bring up that live shot from california? this is a live rehearsal. they'll be with us about 50 minutes. this guy's been programming this house since march. >> how excited are his neighbors right now? not very happy. 300 hours of programming to get it perfectly in sync. no pun intended. it's a lot of fun. >> party rock house. our house is party rock house. just by having lara spencer with us on this sunday morni
a minute. but first, abc's dan harris has the very latest for us from kansas city, for us. good morning, dan. >> reporter: good morning, to you. the parents of baby irwin insist they're fully cooperating with police. they say they take issue with the way they're being treated by detectives. they say investigators have tried to turn them against one another. they have accused the mother of failing a polygraph test. in the three days since their 10-month-old baby, lisa, nicknamed pumpkin pie went missing. >> we were running around the house, screaming for her. >> reporter: her parents, jeremy irwin and deborah bradley, have consistently said she disappeared in the middle of the night. >> please, bring her home. >> reporter: and they have also consistently cooperated with kansas city police. but late thursday, police announced that the parents had suddenly stopped cooperating. does that make you think, does that make the department think, they had something to do with lisa's disappearance? >> again, everything's on the table, as they've been saying for three days now. >> reporter: if they
, the passing of steve jobs. >> the man who created apple. how do you describe a man who gave us a new way to talk? >> first not in my backyard or front yard or on my street. the fight over a homeless shelter in a neighborhood has people there speaking out. >> they feel a church's good intentions could be a bad idea. we were at the meeting tonight. >> reporter: the church hoped to move 16 homeless men in to the part time shelter next week and they still hope to do it tonight. they found out it won't be easy though. the meeting of drew a packed house. the ac wasn't on and the room heated up in a hurry. > do not have a good track record with us. it's hard for us to trust you. >> what about neighbors, what about the rest of the community. warm the streets of hope program plans to house 16 homeless men behind the church. the men would stay here ten days a movement officials say the men would have no felonies or sex offenses. residents were skeptical. >> i don't believe you. >> reporter: it sits next to a daycare center and on a street with well kept single family homes . >> it's only fo
when she said our family has been shattered. the family i used to have isn't there anymore. prosecutors pointed out wagner had a long criminal history and was on probation for two prior crimes when he stabbed pit karen in the heart. >> they have to move on with their life. it is a tragedy. it is obviously tough to move on with your life after something like this. it is a long healing process like it is with any murder victim's family. >> wagner's attorney appealed to the court for understanding based on the convicted killer's upbringing claiming his father who was an alcoholic physically abused him as a child once knocking him out with a baseball bat. but any argument may have rung hollow when he stood up to address the judge and claimed he wasn't even there when pit karen was murdered. >> wagner received a life sentence for the felony murder and an extra 20 careers for conspiring to rob someone with a deadly weapon. >>> opening statements began today in the trial of walter bishop. he is accused of killing the owner of a hess gas station. hired bishop to kill him back in march. the tria i'm barbara walters. for all of us at abc news and i'm barbara walters. for all of us at abc news and "20/20," have a good night. volunteering is kind. caring. beautiful. volunteering builds a better community. ♪ the time is now . >>> it's 11:00, do you know where your children are? >> now, abc 2news at 11. many. >> snow in the forecast but how much? we are tracking winter weather with maryland's most powerful radar. >> new information in the murder of a second patient at a state mental hospital in a week. >> and later getting rid of your traditional paper receipt. see how some companies are switching to digital for a record of your purchase. the news starts right now. >> grab an extra blanket, it's cold outside and we could have snow in 24 hours, hello. here say live look over downtown baltimore tonight, might be white stuff all over the ground by this time tomorrow night. we are trying to figure out what to expect. we went to wyatt. >> you know this is one of those highley unusual late october storms and it's going to depend where you are
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housing and support services to a family in need. it will be used to establish a sports scholarship in their name. >>> community members and parents fired up about a controversial plan that could close rment ec centers around baltimore -- rec centers around baltimore. parents say it's taking away a safe place for kids to learn and play after school hours. sherrie johnson joins us live with the details of what's going on and what parents are saying today. sherrie. >> reporter: good morning, charley. we are live here in front of city hall where controversy is building over whether or not to close several city park recreation centers. and all new this morning, one church group is planning a demonstration in front of the parks and recs headquarters building. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake has a plan that could end privatizing some and closing others. it would happen on the first of the year and some parents and community members are not happy about it. many of the rec centers are packed with kids many they come in after school to get help with homework and can play with friends and it k
>>> hello, everyone, we're so glad you joined us, i'm beth troutman, it's tuesday and you're watching "right this minute." >>> the pictures are deeply disturbing. as people walk right past an injured 2-year-old. how the video is causing a wave of outrage across china. >>> it's an occupy wall street proposal. >> will you occupy my life? >> will you occupy my life? >> you'll see the ring and also what the couple kept hidden during our interview. >>> there's nothing in the world like having a big brother. >> see why 2-year-old milly can count on her 3-year-old brother when things get scarey. >>> as racing advance mourn his passing, vintage video surfaces show dan wheldon had drive at an early age. >>> and we hear from the basketball standout who dunks over his mom's head. >> did you have you know, a contingency plan? >>> our first video today is incredibly difficult to watch. because it is very graphic. but people around the globe are talking about this. and now guys, this took place in fouchon, in china's kwaung dong province. you see a 2-year-old standing i. and then rolls
" exclusive were this u.s. marine's family. >> i'm highly pissed off. >> this video is bringing back the mustache. >> is it wreerd that i am so cra crazily attracted to this man and his mustache? >> his 'stache is raising cash. >>> imagine seeing this guy rifling through your house. one couple captured terrifying images of a burglar. the high tech bay they did it. this bird finds a sugar daddy down on the dock. >> like this. >>> the odd connection that gets this bird his pet of a day. >>> what happens when "twilight" star robert pattinson shows up. >> everybody goes crazy, right? >> not in this country. >> see where fan craziness translates into really polite fan. >>> our first story a heartbreaking one, from the occupy protest. this time, in oakland. christian, you have the story? >> this is a video that we found on ktv, it shows the chaotic protests at frank ogawa plaza enter oakland. the police are using tear gas, rubber bullets, flash-bangs and smoke grenades to try to control the crowd. the images i warn you, are very, very graphic. if you look here, there's a man on the ground
claimed dr. murray was grossly negligent in six ways that killed michael jackson. first, using propofol as a sleeping aid. using the dangerous an thetic at home, with no backup or emergency personnel. no backup medical equipment. having no medical records and most critically, not calling 9911 immediately, which could have saved jackson's life. >> he was definitely savable at that point. >> so, in essence, had dr. murray called 911 at 12:00, michael jackson could still be here today? >> yes, sir. >> and there's just no doubt in your mind about that? >> no. >> reporter: prosecutors say they're down to their last two witnesses and could actually wrap up their case as early as tomorrow, without calling, as we first reported, any of the jackson children. david? >> jim avila, thank you. >>> we turn now to another courtroom bomb shell today. you remember the man who tried to blow up that plane on christmas day 2009, wearing a bomb nb his underwear. today, in federal court, the bomber pleaded guilty to all charges, telling the courtroom he did, in fact, try to blow up that northwest flight over
of the most infamous terror attacks on u.s. citizens, killed after two months in hiding. how he was caught, what he was carrying and his last words. we have team coverage, including abc's christiane amanpour, the last american journalist to interview him. and barbara walters, who went toe to toe with the strongman at the height of his power. >> in our country, we read that you are unstable. we read that you are mad. >>> beasts in your backyard. the loopholes that let lions, tigers and bears live nearby there are more tigers in american neighborhoods than the african world. a brian ross investigation. >>> deadly delay? why did steve jobs refuse a surgery that might have saved his life? >>> and, catch of a lifetime. why is this 6-year-old smiling? the firefighter who made a perfect catch. call him mr. clutch. >>> good evening. for more than four decades, he ruled libya with flamboyance and fear. but tonight, after months on the run, moammar gadhafi is dead. his last moments were caught on tape, and we should warn you, this video is gruesome. there is gadhafi, grazed, gravely wounded but stil
's edge is here. thank you for joining us. cheryl, lovely name. hanna, dee, lori. >> tell us what it means for you to be here tonight to support breast cancer research. >> it's exciting for us, to be a part of something that has a good cause, that makes it that much more. we're excited to be here. >> do you have any personal connection to breast cancer in particular? >> yes, ma'am, i got engaged last month and my fiance's mom is ten years in remission. that was a big deal in his family and i have seen the future of what that looks like and we're praying it keeps staying in remission and many more. >> taking the stage tonight, you'll think about her and other survivors. >> of course. yes. and we just went up and said hi to the wonderful folks and they're sharing their stories with us, it's heart breaking and so uplifting at the same time. they're so strong. >> share with us, you were in the vip area a bit ago, who were some of the people you met? what are some of the stories that come to mind? >> we heard a story about a young lady who is 27. she was just diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. it's
rita, she's 93. >> she provides us with cool treasures during the summer season? >> we could honor her with that. >> i wanted to honor you, miss rita, it's 60 degrees this morning. i showed you that put it in perspective. what a huge spread, at the elementary school, it's 39 degrees. that is a big difference. but in just baltimore county, we have 47, and 50 by the water. we're looking at temperatures today that will not be responding to the winds but the sun. we have a light breeze and it's brought back a light chill. we're looking at a good morning in low to mid-40s. crisp to 50 by the bay. we're looking for a nice warmup. with lunchtime temperatures at 63, we're aiming for high of 68. cooler than yesterday but we'll get back. let's go to the roads. >>> earlier accident 295 at 198 is now out of the way. we're doing pretty well on the beltway. there is near 795, no issues to report. both loops are moving pretty well. 95 at the tunnel we have two lanes closed. that's bore one that is closed, bore 4 northbound is closed due to signal problems. drive times are doing okay so far. >>> w
, a tazer was used on a special needs student. and that's when the district said, you know what, maybe tasers aren't such a good idea in the school. this fight has brought that debate back up. >> i think it's ridiculous that this members of the board seem to have knee-jerk reactions. they need to have a poliicy the think works and keep it. >> if they wrb to tazed, you know parents are like, my son shouldn't be tazed. we're talking about having tazers in the school for children. for kids that are under 18 and i think that is sort of the sad part about about this video and our entire discussion. whether you are for it or not. >> we're down in our news room, sharing stories with each other. we've got to get our political fix of the day. >> who supports governor perry's decision to give in-state tuition to illegal immigrants? >> a new ad just released by mitt romney's campaign a direct attack on one of his opponents. >> if you say we should not educate children who have come into our state for no other reason than they have been brought there by no fault of their own, i don't think you hav
says whoa like to thank everyone for their support and wrote a remember the and asked us to make it public. find it on the website at in the slide show along with other information on how to help the family. linda so, abc2 news. >>> looked like regular bedposts but after more examination they contained 17,000 dollars worth of cocaine. someone tried to sneak it into the country inside the bedposts knobs and they were found on a courier on board a plane that took off from el salvador and land at dulles. they x-rayed the posts and found the drugs. >>> the airport closer to home a tsa agent at bwi faces child porn charges. michael wilson was arrested for possession and distribution. they found an underage girl video of that having sex with an adult and traced it to wilson's computer. during questions he -- questioning he told police he has been down loading and watching it for a while and it's something he can't control. >>> it's now official. baltimore county school superintendent dr. joe hairston will not renew for another term. the search is on for his replacement. sh
off. they employ about 70 people. it's all the more reason the owner told us he has reached out to contractors to start rebuild. fire investigators are still looking for the cause. >>> weather wise for all the trick or treaters, i think the weather is holding up pretty nicely. a few showers approaching western maryland have not made it in yet. there's a little bit of rain south of richmond, virginia. as we look at some of the temperatures, to the north mid to upper 40s. so it is chilly points north. i think we'll fall steadily through the 50s and into the 40s. cloudy and cool, perhaps a shower or two. we have much more coming up. >>> for those of you who took this weekend to pack it up for the sarasota or the keys, we're july lus-- jealous. those who went north, went right into the teeth of the storm. >> reporter: all it took is one winter pounding to make northeasterners long for those days when the summer hit from a hurricane was the biggest fear. it turns out this year's most freakish weather event was a snowstorm. no trick or treaters. >> it's too dangerous. >> reporter: som
, that crashes and exploded. and jeff, what do you have for us? >> the main roads, in harper counties, one remains closed at the dam as the cleanup work intensified. >> tractor trailer, went out of control, just off the dam from the north side. >> the driver survived. explosion with severe burns. it's the load of diesel, his rig is carrying that threatened the river and its wetlands. >> 7500-gallons, was going to deliver up the road another two miles. you could see the marks on the bridge where he began to roll over the trailer park, scorched the guardrail that started to rip open the vessel and followed through and came to rest are right behind me. >> the fire reduced to embers, workers of the environment. the u.s. coast guard and instill cleanups are, are trying to keep the toxic oil types from taking the toll on the river. >> diesel fuel. it's a fuel. so it gets in and contaminate the water way. we have absorbent material. we ditched the area below the dam. we don't want it to affect the wildlife and fish. >> ironically the crash came less than a week before totals will climb along inte
's the question after a preacher tied to rick perry accused rivals of being part of a cult. john hendren joins us from washington. >> reporter: it's come to this. one prominent pastor who supports rick perry says rival mitt romney, a mormon, is not a christian. that brings up a topic usually only whispered in the campaigns. the "m" word is now out. >> in my estimation, mormonism is a cult. >> reporter: megachurch pastor robert jeffreys endorses rick perry. he describes mitt romney and john huntsman as being members of a cult. >> i want to thank you for a rousing introduction. he knocked it out of the park as we like to say. >> reporter: romney sought to rise, kennedy-like, above religi religion. >> let no agenda narrow our vision or drive us apart. >> reporter: a problem that some have among the faithful. >> the next president of the united states needs to be a man, i'm speaking generically, man of sincere, authentic, genuine christian faith. >> reporter: so is mormonism a cult. don't ask her man cain. >> he's a mormon. that much i know. i'm not going to do an analysis. >> reporter: don't ask mic
and well-liked driver was killed. john hendren joins us live with the latest. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning. it was supposed to be a showcase event for the struggling indy car series. but with speeds up to 225 miles an hour and a crowded field, aggressive driving was a worry from the start. drivers and indy fans called it the worst crash they had seen. >> cars in flames, wreckage, carnage. terrible. >> it's the most horrific race i have ever seen in my life. >> reporter: then came the tragic announcement. >> indy car is sad to announce that dan wheldon has passed away from unsurvivable injuries. >> reporter: he was trying win a share of a $5 million bonus when his car flow over another in lap 11. >> you know, one minute, you're joking around before driver intros. and the next -- dan's gone. ♪ >> reporter: fellow drivers and fans alike mourned the loss of the two-time indianapolis 500 winner. >> i think i'm getting old. i have been through too many of these already. you ask anybody in the field if we could choose way to go -- that's the way. >> we're all going to
been following this guy for years because you told us he is ripping you off. we will look at what is coming next after a judge found this locksmith guilty. >>> tonight's -- you want to grab more blankets. >> you have no idea how big this is. >> our rec centers could shut down. we will be live but we want to talk about this 15-year-old. a 15-year-old hands over a gun in school telling his assistant principal he was struggling with thoughts of suicide. he had the gun and a suicide note in his bag that he kept in his locker and took it out for lunch. he will be charged as a juvenile and add there is no indication he wanted to hurt anybody other than himself. >> police are asking for your help. they are looking for suspects who raped a 14-year-old. police said it happened in the 1500 block of leslie street late sunday afternoon. the girl was attacked after she asked the man for directions. the driver of the van similar to this one here pulled up to the curb and offered her a ride. once she got in the girl said she was assaulted by several people inside the van. if you recognize th
infancy. now most of us carry one of these with us. some places even have two, maybe even three. iphones, mac book pros. the way we communicate here, it's all done through macintosh products and it's the result of the vision of steve jobs. some of you fans, some of you not so much. we have one saying, saying i may not be a mac users, it's too expensive, but apple donated computers to the baltimore city schools and had a got me hooked. brad says, love my apple products. jim says, the glowing apple on my mac's and the happy face and the finder icon, also the spinning rainbow pinwheel. we always know about that. as we continue trying to work. weigh in this morning on facebook. let us know your thoughts and remembrances on what has happened in the world of communication and technology since the advent of the apple, the ipod, the eye touch, the ipad, of course the mac book pro. >>> tens of thousands of protesters are pouring into u.s. cities protesting an array of issues. they started overnight. this morning they're still throughout holding steadfast to their mission. -- to their steadf
of people helped us. >> van dyk's mom says her son is on his own if he continues the journey and warned him if something happens she can't solicit the help of the u.s. state department. >>> a traffic stop leads police to 9 pounds of marijuana. police pulled over the car because the tag lights were not working and they smelled marijuana and searched the car and discovered 9 pounds of freshly cut weed in a laundry back in the trunk. the two men have been charged with possession. >>> 32-year-old woman is in trouble accused of leaving her 7-year-old son on the sides of the highway after an argument. evans has been charged. a passing driver saw the child walking by himself on highway 13. officials say the boy was turned over the other members of the family. >>> this week, expected to vote on a key piece of the jobs bill. many people have fed up with lack of job opportunities. a group of unemployed workers are holding vigil at the russel street bridge. kuren redmond is there with a preview of what is to be expected. >> reporter: the jobs topic has been at the top of every political debate and spu
assaulted a girl. police tell us the girl was near the 1500 block of leslie street and was asking for directions last weekend. this is a file picture of what they believe the van to look like. investigators say the girl got into the van and that's when officers say the man and several others began assaulting her. call metro crimestoppers at 866- 7-lockup if you know anything about what happened. >>> harford county authorities want you to keep your eyes peeled for a person responsible for what they believe is involved in an attempted abduction a14-year-old was walking to the bus stop near cardinal way when he was approached by a person in a black van. it's commercial work van with tinted front windows and no back windows. if you have any information, you are asked to call the harford county sheriff's department as quickly as possible. >>> we are involving a developing story -- following a developing story. top unions are telling the city to leave the occupy baltimore crew alone. sherrie johnson is live downtown with details. >> reporter: good morning. all new information this morni
something that may be on the dinner table tonight. more and more of us are trying to be healthy and eat more fish, spending $80 billion every year. but abc news investigated and found 19 out of 21 restaurants we tested sold us something other than the fish that was advertised. and just today, consumer reports found in their own test widespread fraud at restaurants and groceries. abc's dan harris leads us off tonight. >> reporter: you walk up to the supermarket fish counter and pick out what you want. i'll take that one. but what are you really getting? thank you sir. consumer reports bought 190 pieces of seafood from supermarkets and restaurants and sent them to a lab for dna testing. more than a fifth of them were not as advertised. >> it's fraud. consumers shouldn't be paying more money and thinking they're getting one kind and getting something else. >> reporter: fish labeled as red snapper turned out to be the cheaper ocean perch. sole turned out to be sutchi catfish, mostly imported from seat name, where consumer reports say some fish farmers use drugs not approved here. and one piece o
. the square is a public space, it's not for that reason. >> the draft they have given us is not acceptable. we are trying to work with them to figure something out. >> reporter: now the mayor hasn't said the police will be sent in. the protesters say they will be out tonight and every night until their message is heard. we will have more on the story coming up tonight at six. reporting live,abc 2news. >> the marches in other cities have gotten the violent. in oakland california police cracked down on the protesters last night. armed in full riot gear. they used tear gas and smoke bombs to disperse the crowds. they have been camped out in a downtown plaza but the mayor said it wasn't safe and ordered them out. police said they gave warnings but the group stayed. >>> now to atlanta protesters were kicked out just before midnight. officers ordered them to leave the park. police moved in less than 24 hours after the mayor decided to revoke the order letting protesters camp out. some left in handcuffs. >>> we have the latest an an early morning fire. officials say one person suffered minor smo
of the neighbors told us they believe he just wanted to sort of let out some of his anger towards the neighborhood. none of it has been confirmed, we can't say that it's a possibility that that's what he was doing. it's an ongoing investigation as to why this happened. >> thank you for your time. we'll check in throughout the day for updates. >>> moving onto suspects charged with imprisoning 4 mentally disabled victims in philadelphia may have held 7 others. the chief says it's the worst he's seen and it's remarkable a young lady is still alive. >>> an iowa couple died 72 hours a part while holding hands. they were rushed to the hospital. they were not going to make it and when gordon stopped breathing, his heart monitor continues for an hour until his wife died. the couple was never a part. they were glad they were able to go together. >> they just loved being together. everyone argues once in a while, he said i have to stick around until, i can't go until she does, i have to stay here for her. and she would say the same thing. >> they held hands in their casket. she was 90, he was 94. >>> you ma
at high speeds. >> reporter: the state gave the go ahead to use the cameras in 09. the executive wanted to do a one year study fist to see what would be the fest affective use for them. during the survey police found two third of the cars traveling were speeding and a third of those cars was more than 12 miles per hour over the limit. >> it's a way to get money. >> reporter: that's how some people feel. others have a different opinion. >> i think it's a great idea. people speed up and down these roads and there is children going to and from school, some are walking, some are on the buses. >> reporter: the county opted for mobile cameras instead of fixed speed cameras. that gives us the flexibility to go where problems are as they emerge. it allows us to create this expectation, perception the cameras could be in any of the zones. >> reporter: the cameras will be operated only by members of the police department certified to operate them. don harrison, abc2 news. >> keep in mind you will get a be 30 day grace period where anyone caught will get a warning, after that you will get a ticket
shelters and other resources, call 24 hours a day. >> this story will hit home with so many people using smart phones a lot of people have replaced the camera or video recorder but with the technology comes new risks as one family using a popular picture app found out the hard way. >> reporter: you will hear this and say i do that at home. the miller family up loaded nearly a thousand pictures using an i-phone app called photograph bucket. after that they learned their pictures, specifically the ones of their two sons both under the age of 12 were stolen. >> days later somebody starts texting my phone saying you need to put the photographs on private, these aren't looking good, it looks like they are going to sexual predator sites. >> reporter: it turned out when they up loaded the pictures they didn't know they had to click the private buton. the millers called police, filed a report and at least one of the website that posted the pictures was shut down but the pictures continue to circulate, they have changed their son's routines to make sure nobody has seen them online can follow the
there and it will be impacting us. looking at the temperatures after peeking out near 70, near midnight. we have had winds over 20 miles per hour and temperatures will be struggling and need to get back to the low 60s. falling to the 50s and winds could be pushing 40 miles per hour. let's see if it's impacting your commute. >> we have some debris on 95 south and a broken down car before the beltway. let's look at the live traffic cameras, it's near 795. outer loop getting some volume, that's the oncoming traffic. inner loop is moving well. the beltway is a little bit of volume there in both directions, but nothing to worry about. it's a smooth ride. our drive times are doing all right. 83 southbound, 95, that takes you about 7 minutes, getting some volume. 795 to 70 takes you 7 minutes. >>> the reason montgomery says that a man killed his 12-year- old step daughter. details now coming out in court. >> reporter: prosecutors say that the 42-year-old married a vietnam woman, when she wanted a divorce, he killed her daughter. detectives were able to zero in after matching his dna and found boot impressions that wa
. there was faint signs of gang graffiti. management says it has sanitized the area. >>> >>> stay with us for "good morning america." have a great weekend, everybody. >>> a jury finds a convicted killer for the death penalty. find out what makes this case so significant from a legal standpoint. >>> get ready to see camden yards light up the night. why thousands will gather here tomorrow night. >>> it happened while many of you were sleeping. if you missed it, one of the best world series games ever. there will be a game 7. cards and rangers tonight in st. louis. the weekend is upon us. and we have made it. could be a bit colder out there. >> reporter: good morning, charlie. we definitely have some change here. it is a freaky friday. we have frost advisories, highs in the low 50s today and temperatures are going to continue to drop and then put the hammer down. the rain snow hick as we head to the first part of the weekend. here is a frost advisory, you can see it for the areas here in the blue. you are dealing with a freeze warning into pennsylvania this morning. as we look at maryland's most power
candy. stay with us. abc2 news at 6:00 continues. we'll take you to the trick or treating fun along with more tips, all coming up in about 10 minutes. >>> some say it's baltimore's equivalent to cheers. during preakness week, the number of jockeys, trainers and others was countless. a fire has destroyed most of the landmark. the fire started around 4:30 this morning. by 5:00, fire crews were calling in for a second alarm. over 70 fighters couldn't get inside and had to fight the fire from the outside. most of the building was destroyed and considered a total loss. scores of people turned out. >> i can't tell you how many times i've been in the tavern. it's a staple in the community. i just wanted to stop by and take a look and see how much damage there was and to check on the firefighters. >> the owner has already started calling contractors to rebuild. the mt. washington tavern employs about 70 people. >>> now for latest on that weekend snowstorm that left about 11,000 without power. it was a rare october snowstorm. most of the outages are in washington. bge and delmarva report we
and people on their cell phones texting and the computers over here. and just to tell us more about what's going on in this latest deadline from the city. you have been here for a long time. and you guys got this dead behind for the city do you plan to leave? >> no. i don't think it's time yet. >> reporter: what is your plan if the city enforces this and they start with arrest? >> well, that's something that we will discuss in the general assembly when the time right. >> reporter: speaking to one of the ladies they plan to stay here until the job is done what is the job you are talking about? >> the job and you know all the issues we are dealing with, we discuss in the general assembly every night at 8 p.m. and you know then we figure out what to do from there. >> reporter: and how long have you been here? >> i've been here since the first day. >> reporter: and why are you here? >> i am here because things just aren't working right now. and i feel that way and you know i think that it seems like a lot of people feel that way now too. >> reporter: and it looks from the things you guys hav
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